Join us on June 4th for an exclusive look at Scarlet, the next generation of skin rejuvenation technology. This special event is your chance to explore how Scarlet's unique RF technology can enhance your skin's natural beauty, providing visible improvements to texture, firmness, and overall skin health.



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June 4, 2024


Modern Body Clinic

2450 E. Guadalupe Rd Suite #105 Gilbert, AZ 85234


(602) 344-9067

Feel Confident in Your Skin Again!

Why Scarlet?

  • Tighten and Lift Skin

  • Improve Texture

  • Minimize Wrinkles

  • Treats Acne Scars

  • Minimally Invasive

  • Safe On All Skin Types

Why You Should Attend

Special Offers for Attendees:

Complimentary Consultation: Schedule during the event for a personalized assessment with our skin experts.

Event-Only Discounts: Receive a special offer on your first Scarlet treatment when you sign up at the event.

Exclusive Gifts: Take home a specially curated skincare sample kit just for attendees.

Take Advantage of Expert Insights: Learn directly from our specialists about how Scarlet uses RF technology to safely and effectively rejuvenate your skin.

Live Demonstrations: See the technology in action and understand what makes Scarlet a leader in non-invasive skin care solutions.

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June 4, 2024

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2450 E. Guadalupe Rd Suite #105

Gilbert, AZ 85234

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(602) 344-9067

2450 E Guadalupe Rd #105, Gilbert, AZ 85234, USA

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